All Sheepskin Golf Glove

Nano Anti-Slip
Golf Gloves

Product Features
  • Washable leather
  • Non-slip water-repellent coating
  • No sweat smell mixed with sheepskin
  • Even if you wash it and use it again, it is not stiff.
  • The more water or sweat gets on it, the better the grip and slip resistance.
  • Perfect water repellency with nano coating even on the inside of the golf glove.
The combination of advanced nanotechnology and high-quality sheepskin makes it highly competitive in the market as it has differentiating features such as improved grip, machine washability, increased service life, and humidity and odor resistance compared to competing products.
It’s OK even if you sweat or if it rains!

Strong grip increases drive distance

Advanced semiconductor
nano coating

By overcoming the disadvantages of slippery sheepskin, it maintains grip and provides excellent stability in contact with water or sweat.


It can be washed with water thanks to nanotechnology, is easy to maintain, and can be used for a long time, making it more value-for-money compared to competing products.

Humidity-resistant performance

Even in humid environments, it does not have the characteristic sheepskin odor and has excellent water-repellent properties and breathability, making it comfortable to use.

Excellent grip

Wetting the gloves with water makes the grip softer and improves the anti-slip function, providing a stable grip.

Design and convenience

The luxurious sheepskin material and sophisticated design make it popular in the market, and it is comfortable to wear and has high practicality.

Widely applied nanotechnology

Nanotechnology is scalable for a variety of applications and serves as the foundation for continued product innovation and brand image enhancement.

Innovative High performance Golf Life

Nano Coating

We present nano coatings of stable quality.

Because nanocoatings are vacuum deposited in a gaseous state, they can solve problems such as shape deformation and surface shrinkage that occur during solution coating and drying. In addition, since surface polymerization occurs in a gaseous state, uniform coating is possible between fine cracks and structures, and it acts as a protective film on the surfaces of various parts, electronics, communication, mechanical parts, medical devices, etc., such as insulation, corrosion prevention, waterproof coating, and powder scattering prevention. It is a uniform coating technology that does this.

Service Process

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