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Automotive Engine Bolt Coating

Advanced coating technology contributes to vehicle performance upgrades and safety.

By applying a special coating to automobile engine bolts, we have developed a product that improves safety, durability, chemical resistance, sustainability, and economic efficiency. Our products contribute to automotive performance upgrades and safety, while also leading technology through constant change and innovation.
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We pursue constant change and innovation and grow together with our customers.


The screw does not loosen even with severe vibration or shock.


There is no corrosion or wear even in harsh external environmental conditions.


It provides lubricity and torque to ensure stable operation.

Chemical resistance

The enhanced performance allows you to use it for a long time.


It can be disassembled if necessary and is easy to maintain.


There is no need to use expensive fasteners.


Ultimately, we contribute to the safe lives of our customers by improving the performance and durability of cars.
Applicable Industries

Applicable industries

Bolts for car engines
Manufacturing parts